Every once in awhile you come across someone that has talent, compassion for others and that can see the bigger picture. That someone is Brandon the Barber. His commitment to the art of keeping people looking good is evident the minute you sit in his chair. There are some people that are simply born knowing what they are going to be doing with their life.


Brandon was that kid. He knew early on that he had a talent and a knack for taking hair and just transforming it. He knew early on how important a good hair cut is to your confidence and the way you feel about yourself. When Brandon gets done with your hair you feel like you can take on the world. When you sit in his chair you are his sole focus. His attention to detail and his desire to make you look and feel your best really makes him a stand out barber.


He has that old school approach where your hair cut is not just about clippers and scissors it is about keeping in tight and feeling like you can walk out and take on the world. He is a top barber in New Orleans that offers a private luxurious setting for his prominent clientele but don't be swayed by that. Brandon offers his services to anyone that needs them.


You can expect top notch treatment in a comfortable relaxed atmosphere from a consummate professional. He can help to improve your image with the right look and help you to feel confident as you move through your day knowing that your look is just right for you!


He owns one of the most elite shops in the south that draws in an impressive client list of professionals, politicians and entertainers yet he shows the same respect and care to everyone that walks through his shop's doors. You know you are in the right place when your barber knows that it is never “just a haircut”! Brandon knows that you are getting your hair right because of the impression you want to make. He knows that when you stand up from his chair you should feel like a million dollars and he makes sure that everyone that leaves his chair is ready to take on the world.


You can make your reservation online, view the gallery to take a look at all Brandon's handy work or just take a look around. We are happy you are here!