Brandon THE barber is the premiere barber in New Orleans. He has built a list of exclusive upscale clients thanks to his natural talent, private setting and his willingness to come to you if you need him to. This is the man that is changing the face of the less fortunate in New Orleans by going out in his free time and giving out free haircuts to those that don't have the money to keep up with their hair. He donates his time during special holidays each year to make sure that the less fortunate look and feel good. He has a heart of gold. He is a talented barber that takes his commitments to his clients seriously.



Price: $16

Lace Xclusive's curl defining cream smooths frizz and tames curls. Never leaves curls crunchy. Revives waves and curls to a shiny, bouncy luster. Smooths fly-aways while adding a healthy gloss and shine.

Price: $10

Apply sponge to wet or damp hair, Place a generous amount of curl defining cream in palms and rub together, work through wet or damp hair before curling. Best used in conjunction with the LX Curl Defining Cream.

Price: $16

Lace Xclusive's Intensive Moisturizing Shampoo contains a combination of lightweight essential oils as well as other ingredients that work to increase moisture in damaged hair. Providing maximum protection against dryness and

The Most Upscale Barber Suite in New Orleans.
Located in the Heart of New Orleans,
Catering to the City's Elite!
1506 Desire St New Orleans, LA 70117